Do Fidget Cubes Really Relieve Stress?

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Have you ever noticed that you or some one close to you tend to fidget when they are stressed, uncomfortable or overwhelmed?

fidget cubes


Fidget cubes are not only made for children with ADHD, autism and other sensory disorders, but they can also be used by adults to relieve stress and anxiety. Research has linked fidgeting as a form of stress management.


While people who fidget look like they are not confident, fidgeting can help manage a stressful situation. The cubes are designed not to stop people from fidgeting but to make it less annoying and conspicuous especially for people around them.

The cubes have different functionalities ranging from clicking, rolling gears and spinning. They are available in different colors to suit specific individual needs and preferences.

How do fidgeting toys relieve stress?

First, the toy distracts one by taking away their attention from the stressful thoughts to the cubes. The distraction works well for children and adults suffering from anxiety. It keeps their hands busy away from engaging in risky stress induced behaviors such as pulling hair or throwing things among others.

It also helps to enhance an individual’s attention. For individuals with above average energy levels, the cubes can help to refocus that energy. Often, people who are hyper sensitive to certain environments tend to engage in behaviors such as biting nails, hitting, pulling hair, skin pinching which can be harmful. The cubes help to refocus their energy and expend the nervousness.

The cubes, like many other sensory toys, have been incorporated as part of Rapid Stress management technique. In some cases, cancer patients are encouraged to squeeze stress balls and practice breathing exercises during medical procedures to lower stress levels. Similarly, these cubes can be used in highly stressful situations along with other techniques such as breathing, psychotherapy and in extreme cases of medication to calm down individuals.

Since the stress levels and anxiety levels differ with individuals, the effectiveness of using fidgeting cubes to calm stress will differ. However, using such cubes and other sensory toys has been shown to soothe and calm people down. It comes in as a handy tool for individuals experiencing anxious reactions.

Whether you are looking for a sensory toy to help your child with autism, ADHD or other sensory disorders manage the stress, anxiety and hyper stimulation; or you a looking for a way to manage your own stress and anxiety, researchers and psychologists have pointed out that fidget cubes can be used as rapid stress management technique.

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