5 Ways Christianity Should be more Modern


Christianity, and any religion in general deliberately tries to stay away from a anything modern. Maybe that’s why these rare attempts appear so bizarre. You know, when the Holy Father comes out in sport of gay marriage, atheists or climate change while all the priests and bishops are trying to change the meaning of his words.

As John Lennon wrote in ‘Strawberry fields forever’, it is easy living life with eyes closed.

I’m not saying that every church should install wi-fi, put slots machines from http://popularcasinogames.co.uk and hold parties on Friday nights.


But it is a bit weird that the message of love and peace is so distorted nowadays when in fact, it is simple whether you are Christian, Muslim a Buddhist or an atheist. That, at least in part is responsible for the decline in numbers of believers. That’s why I strongly believe that these years are critical for the church. We must be more accepting, more willing to admit our own mistakes and be more -up-to-date.

I know how these words sound to many of my loyal readers. But I believe that everyone of us must stand tall in the face of diversity and promote the true voice of God, a voice of peace.

  • Women must be accepted as priests. In fact, everyone who want should be able to attend the seminary and learn how to preach the word of God.
  • The church must denounce any hate, whether against gays, Christians, Muslims.
  • Any Christian should accept man-made climate change. God gave us a home and we should treat everything, plants and animals, with respect.
  • Priests should be able to have families.
  • The church must take down the gold-plated accessories from its walls and promote the message of staying humble.

I understand these points sound outrageous to some, at least shocking to most of you. But I believe that we have forgotten how to speak with respect, be able to debate our points, and even change our minds sometimes. That is why I want to ask you in what other areas Christianity could be more modern to appeal to younger people and spread the message of love better? And which of my 5 points do you disagree with?

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